Thursday, April 1, 2010


The clips that we watched in class today were very interesting. For some reason I felt that the dinner scene was pretty gruesome, its not that they were doing anything wrong in the scene, I guess its the way the ate. It was almost like they were not human, devouring all that food, and seeing characters eat off of the cow/pig skulls.

Another aspect of the film that I felt was creepy was the actress that played Trina. To me, Trina looked alien. Her skin was so pail that it seemed like there wasn't any facial features to be seen like cheek bones, and even more prominent features like her nose and jar line did not appear to be there unless you were looking at her at the right angle. When she was in her wedding dress it appeared that she was more like a ghost then a bride. Maybe like a zombie bride or something. Something wasn't right about that character.

The funeral / death march going outside the window as McTeague and Trina was getting married was a pretty nice touch. I noticed it before the film explicitly cut to the scene, but I could see the same touch being used in a film today without the cut to the street level which I thought was pretty cool. I liked how it worked in the movie too, the ending of the McTeague and Trina that we new from the first half of the book/film.

The final scenes with everyone going through Death Valley I found interesting because it seemed that the shading on the film was completely different from the rest of the movie. Everything was brighter and had a bit of a yellow haze to it, probably due to the sun, but I like to think that this was intentional and worked to show that McTeague and Marcus were there alone with only their Greed to accompany them.

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  1. That's perceptive of you, Ken: yes, the last few minutes seem to have been tinted a light yellow, probably to indicate the sun's heat. The dinner scene does show people as animals (all that gnawing on skulls!).